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How long will I need to be face down?

How Long Will I Need To Be Face Down?

Not all retina surgeries require face down positioning, so it is important to discuss with your retina surgeon.

  • When face down positioning is required, your physician may recommend the duration from 24 hours to 7 days or longer depending on your individual case and needs.
  • The amount of time per day that you need to be face down also varies depending on your individual case and can also change throughout your healing process.
    • For example, immediately following surgery, your surgeon may recommend you spend 90% of the time in a face down or prone position. This duration may gradually decrease as healing progresses.

Key Takeaways

  • Face down positioning may be required for certain retina surgeries to help the gas or oil tamponade the retina area undergoing repair.
  • Each case is unique, so make sure to ask your physician if face down positioning is needed for you, and if so, for how many days and what percentage of the day would it be recommended.

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