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What is “Face Down” Positioning?

What is "Face Down" Positioning?

Face down positioning may be an important part of your recovery following retina surgery.

Which retina surgeries may require face down positioning?

Why is ‘face down’ positioning needed following some retina surgeries?

  • Retina surgery may require the use of gas or oil as a tamponade to facilitate retina healing and proper re-attachment of retinal tissue.
  • ‘Face down’ also known as prone positioning may be required during your postoperative care to ensure the gas or oil bubble in the eye exerts pressure on the affected area of your retina.
  • Your positioning can play a crucial role in the success of macular hole surgery or retinal detachment surgery.

Key Takeaways

  • Face down positioning may be required for certain retina surgeries to help the gas or oil tamponade the retina area undergoing repair.

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