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What are Symptoms of Retinal Tear?

What are Symptoms of a Retinal Tear?

  • Sudden increase in floaters: Floaters can be tiny dots, specks, strings or cobweb shaped objects that float in your vision.
  • Flashing lights: A brief flash of light. This typically occurs in your peripheral vision.
  • Shadows or curtain over your vision: Noticing a curtain coming over your vision with loss of your peripheral vision could be a sign of the retina detaching.

While a retinal tear does not cause any pain, it can lead to significant vision loss from a retinal detachment.

Key Takeaways

  • New onset floaters or flashing lights may be a sign of a retinal tear and warrants evaluation.
  • A retinal tear can lead to a retinal detachment and potentially permanent vision loss.
  • Act fast – see an eye doctor immediately if you suspect a retinal tear.
  • Early detection and treatment of a retinal tear can prevent a detachment and safeguard your vision.


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