Our Mission & Guiding Values

Our Mission & Guiding Values


Retina Associates of Florida provides quality, leading edge diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the retina and macula. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our patients and referring doctors, the competency of our staff and the recognition by our peers of the value of our efforts in continuous improvement in the provision of care and research.


We will accomplish our Mission by applying these values to our practice:

  • Patient care is our primary focus. We treat our patients with compassion, respect and courtesy.
  • Our practice is exceptional. We work hard to make certain everyone who visits or works at Retina Associates has a WOW Experience.
  • Our practice operates on firm business principles. We balance our obligation to provide compassionate, comprehensive care with the need to ensure our practice is financially sound.
  • Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our success. We clearly define and vigilantly maintain ethical standards that focus on providing compassionate, patient-centered care.
  • Professional growth and development make us strong. We invest in technology, innovation, education, research and training because our ultimate success is dependent upon the quality of our staff and our ability to provide quality patient care.
  • Teamwork, trust and mutual respect are critical to our success. Each of us plays an important role in Retina Associates’ success by contributing our unique knowledge, skills and abilities. We earn each other’s trust and respect and understand that while the practice is composed of individuals, it succeeds or fails as a team.
  • Honest and timely communication is critical. We share information with our patients and among ourselves in a timely manner through honest communication which includes active listening as well as speaking.
  • Partnerships enhance our effectiveness. We establish working relationships with physicians, hospitals and insurance companies whose operations are compatible with our Guiding Values.