New Feature: Surgical Videos! Our first installment is Macular Pucker Surgery

This month’s blog focuses on a new feature we are incorporating into our website: a video section that will have sample videos of our most commonly performed procedures.

When we discuss surgical procedures with our patients, we describe the procedure and its inherent risks. We also provide brochures that describe their condition and the specific surgical procedure we are considering for treatment of their condition. Some of our patients request to see video of what their surgery involves so they can have a better idea of the procedure. In response to this request, we are adding a video section to our education tab, which already includes our brochures for various conditions. These videos will also be available on our youtube channel.

Here is the link for our first video, “Macular Pucker Surgery.”

Link: Macular Pucker Surgery, Vitrectomy with Epiretinal Membrane Peeling

This is one of our most commonly performed procedures and is performed for patients that have distortion of their vision as a result of epiretinal membrane, macular pucker, or a wrinkle on their retina. It is quite elegant in that it uses small incisions that require no stitches and the peeling of the membrane or wrinkle is interesting to watch.

We hope you enjoy the video and check back on our website to see updates in our video collection